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An Artwork Painted Just For You Two.

That moment when you commit, share and celebrate your love for each other with those dearest and closest to you - weddings are truly an occasion to be cherished. ​ And we spend so much time choosing the perfect little pieces to create our special moment - with meaning, story and love - yet we only get one day to enjoy them.


This artwork - painted just for you two - will keep the beauty and treasures of your wedding day forever present in your marriage.

"I wanted to offer a truly unique and beautiful way for people to remember the details, emotions and joy of their wedding. Whether it's a gift to the happy couple or purchased to remember their own wedding day, these artworks are more than just paintings, they are instilled with the love of memory which forever brings something special into a marriage home. And because they are painted in oils using archival quality materials and processes, your painting will be timeless.

The other beauty of these artworks is that I don't need to be present at the wedding to create them. All I need is a photo of the wedding dress, bouquet or other sentimental items (like the groom's shoes), and their bespoke artwork can come to life. Sometimes people want to capture the essence of a special place, at other times we keep it simple. Either way it will feel like it was made just for you, because it was"


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"I'd like to share why these paintings are so special to me.
See my husband and I enjoy the adventure of an international marriage - he's from Alabama, I'm from Sydney (How did we meet? I'll share that when we meet about your painting).  With that said, o
ur wedding was going to be a very important occasion as both families were coming together for the very first time. We were all set for August 2020 ... and then,
well, we all know what happened (best not to dwell).

Andrew and I decided to proceed with a private wedding with our international guests attending online. Of course it was a little bitter sweet having to forgo some of our dreams for this very important day to us - but we loved each other and that was enough.


Though, one unspoken dream of mine did actually come to be. You see, it was a dearest wish of mine for my Mum to make my wedding dress - although she wouldn't admit it, she is a very talented seamstress. When I first shared my hopes with her she felt it was too big of a task, but in March of our wedding year she gave me the gift of making my wedding dress, managing the entire thing from Australia with only "digital" fittings.


That dress was the biggest (and only) hug I could get from my family on my wedding day. And as a gesture of just how much I cherished it, I painted the dress in a little artwork piece so that it was always a key part of my world. This artwork is more than a painting - it's filled with so many beautiful memories that it always gives our home love.

How could I not share such beauty with you too!"

xx Charlotte Marie


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