Shipping & Returns


Fees outlined on this site exclude any shipping costs unless otherwise specified. Shipping is calculated at check out based on a selected network of postal services that offer reasonable pricing, warranties and safe delivery for your location.

Shipping is currently available to USA, South America, Australia, NZ, Canada, EU (including Scandinavia) & UK. Orders are shipped once per week and you will receive a tracking number once it's available. Where shipping is stated to be included, it will be managed via UPS within USA or USPS Express International for all International Shipments.


Timing will vary based on your location. Currently I am experiencing turn arounds of 3-10 days to all my locations with the exception of USPS International for Australian/NZ which is 7-28 Days, but please make allowances for current postal delays which I have no control over. If you would like to fast-track your order please let me know and I will organize UPS Express (3-5 Days to any of the above locations) at an additional fee to you pending the artwork size.
In this instance you will be invoiced prior to shipping based on the quoted cost from UPS to your location. For those orders where shipping was included, your UPS Express will be invoiced at the quoted cost of shipping minus the covered cost of shipping in your package based on USPS rates. 

All original artwork is shipped un-stretched & rolled (if on canvas) or flat packed if on canvas board.

Artwork prints are delivered flat packed.  

Artwork prints are organized on a per-order basis to eliminate wastage. As such,  please allow my printers 7-10 days for production, though we usually can turn it around more quickly. At my request, all prints are reviewed by me prior to shipment to you. Should I not be happy with the final product, I will let you know about the impact on timing. Print orders will then fall into the once per week shipment lot and standard shipping terms apply. 

For purchases outside of the United States of America, you may be required to pay Customs fee or a GST (Goods and Services Tax) based on the total value of the item and your location. I have tried to make as many allowances as I can for this in my pricing given my international audience. As such, all additional fees will come at the expense of the purchaser so please look into the terms of such fees. I will inform you where I can, or you can find this out by researching the destination's 'Boarder Control'. 

Unfortunately, online scammers are a reality and something I need to take seriously given the value of my artwork. As such, no artwork will be shipped until your address has been confirmed and validated, and your payment has been processed securely. By placing an order, you accept that I have the right to question your order based on any unusual circumstances and deny your purchase should your funds present any issues. 




All artworks are packaged with lots of care and consideration for the medium and shipping process. I know how special it is to receive your art piece, so I will do everything I can to ensure it arrives beautifully. Given the value of these products (financially and sentimentally), all original art shipments will include a warranty to the exact value of your purchase. Although my history with shipments has been very good, occasional unfortunate things happen outside of my control, so I cannot guarantee that your item will arrive in perfect condition. Should a shipping incident occur I cannot be held liable. For original art damage, please contact me directly and immediately with all information and photographic evidence so we can decide on next steps. All shipment damage will be handled on a case by case circumstance. Collectors may be asked to file a claim with the shipping service. If the order is a complete loss I ask that you return the work to my studio, either in the original packaging or in sturdy packaging purchased at your local post office.

For prints that arrive damaged, it will be the purchasers responsibility to file a shipment claim with the associated postal service. As I cannot control anything but the packaging in my shipment process, unless my packaging is at fault, this claim will determine whether your money is refunded. As some bends and little creases are repairable please let me know, and it will be my discretion as to whether the work can be mended, or a re-print is required. These will also be handled on a case by case scenario and re-prints may require a new shipping fee at the Collectors expense. Prints damaged after shipping cannot be replaced so please look after your artwork.


All original artwork is delivered with signature required. As such, it will be the Collectors responsibility to ensure ​their address is accurately supplied and that they or a known person is available to collect the artwork. Outside of this, all lost artwork shipments for original artwork fall out of my control and pending the situation may or may not be covered by the warranty.


For lost Art Print orders, once again please make sure your address is correct to avoid shipment issues. I cannot replace artworks shipped to the wrong address. If you received a "delivered" notice from your shipping company but the artwork cannot be found, please contact your shipping company immediately. Unfortunately we cannot do anything about this, but I will offer you a discounted price on a re-print. Should the artwork be sent back to my studio I will happily re-send it to you - in some cases a new shipping fee may be required.


With the exception of original artwork and sales, I will gladly return artwork prints within 5 days of delivery. Returned items must be delivered unused, in original packaging, and in the condition they were sent or your refund will not be received. As such, if when you open your package, you are unsure about the artwork, please do not remove it from the plastic package. Once removed the artwork print cannot be returned. Return shipping costs will be at the collectors expense. Where these requirements have been met, you will be issued a full refund within 3 - 6 business days after I receive your returned item. 

To return your item, please email me with your name, your details, your order number (from invoice), and the details of the artwork you wish to return. 



At this stage I do not offer exchanges for any work - original, prints or textile - so please choose carefully.