Mixed Medium on Canvas

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One of four in a collection called Inside Out, these works offer a reflection on the many states of love:
The love within us. The love around us.
Love that feels foreign. Love that feels familiar.
Young Love. Mature love.
Love that is seen. Love that is yet to be discovered.
And when all this comes together, the beauty that is love.

Shades of Orchid more specifically touches on a sensual and exotic love state, pulling on more obvious feminine symbolism.

Unlike my previous figurative works, I have specifically chosen to use acrylics, oil pastels and gouache to create textured and vibrant pieces, whilst retaining semi-realistic overtones. But I continue to use symbolism in the form of fabric and botanicals, to offer a glimmer into each subject's world.

Shades of Orchid

  • All Charlotte Marie Fine Art is created using archival quality materials and processes.