Some things are worth sharing far and wide - so in addition to receiving your single or pair of original oil painting/s, in this option you will also receive a high quality digital photograph of the artwork/s for usage across your wedding event and two giclee artwork prints.


Included in the price of this package will be:

1) Artwork consultation - the couple or purchaser will speak directly with Charlotte on an online call to discuss:


- The couple’s story and what the painting will capture (items and environment) and possible color schemes 

- What photography will be needed (please note, Charlotte does not need professional photography to create her artworks).

- Timings based on the wedding, and Charlotte’s availability - please see additional notes about artwork timings.

- The option to choose from one of two schemes for colors and artwork composition based on the consultation. This is to ensure there are no suprises in your final artwork. Please note, this is optional - you can request that Charlotte makes all decisions following the initial consultation. In making this decision, please consider that once the artwork is painted all decisions are final and there will be no refunds or returns. 

2) One or Two 8x10" or 11x14" oil paintings - the artwork will be painted on premium canvas using high quality oil paints. It will be delivered un-stretched with a temporary varnish (please see FAQ about drying times, framing and varnish requirements)


3) Two Giclee artwork prints. Charlotte works with boutique printers to offer high-pigment prints on canvas or specialized paper of her artwork. The quality of these prints is so good that they are always mistaken for the original. 


4) Delivery of your artwork and any ordered prints to one address in a beautifully packaged box with a card from the sender (if a gift) and personalized note from Charlotte Marie Isbell.


5) 1x High Quality Photograph of your painting for usage across your wedding event including stationery, guest gifts, and your wedding website. Please see usage details for more information on this. 


On placing your order, Charlotte will reach out to you directly within a week to organize the next steps for creating your beautiful artwork.

Love Captured + Shared

  • As each artwork is painted with detail and care and considering the wedding of each client, Charlotte only books a limited number of artworks each month. Each painting will also need four weeks to stabilize before it can be packaged to send.


    As such, you will receive the first available time Charlotte has open suited to your order. Charlotte will confirm this with you as soon as possible after your booking. Should this fall after the wedding and the artwork is being purchased as a gift, you will receive a beautiful letter from Charlotte to include within the gift for the couple with details about their artwork.

    Giclee Prints require three weeks to organize. As soon as the painting is finished, it will be photographed and any pre-ordered prints purchased in your package will be ordered and delivered with the final artwork. Prints organized at a later date will fall into a weekly print cycle and delivered within 3 weeks - for more details on this process please see Charlotte’s FAQ.