Thanks for dropping by. My name is Charlotte Marie Isbell and I am the artist behind the work on this website. Creating is in fact my work and livelihood and I feel very blessed to be able to do so. It wasn't always this way. Actually, it took me about 11 years to find the bravery to create instead of managing other people's creativity. But since that day it has been a beautiful journey of discovery: discovering things about myself, discovering things about art, discovering things about the world around me, and discovering even more new things about art.

Although I love to create using many different mediums, I am primarily an oil painter. However over the last two years I have branched into a new area of artistry - textiles. This might seem like an unusual shift from oil painting, but textiles (silks, lace, cottons, wool) are usually the inspiration behind most of my oil works. So to me, this shift has felt as natural and wonderful as they come. Along side my continual growth in painting, textiles will be a world that I will also need to discover, and I am very much looking forward to doing so.

My creative working life is split across three different businesses: The Little House of Big Things - where I share all that I have learned about the business side of creativity and support other creatives in their working lives; Isbell & Co - where my husband and I create life and home goodies inspired by our global adventures (my more colorful and adventurous side); and Charlotte Marie Fine Art - my artist home where I intimately explore all things feminine and intriguing. These three worlds work beautifully together to support me, while providing me with the perfect avenue to explore and express all the different sides of my artistry.

So what's this blog all about? (Does anyone else dislike the word blog as much as I do? It feels so silly and impersonal). But words aside, I guess I wanted a space to share what I have, and will continue to learn, as an artist. In this space I get a chance to move away from the business of creativity and dive into what I'm discovering through my art practice and creative process. Although I am so grateful for how far I have come, it hasn't been without a lot of trial and error, and learnings along the way. Truthfully, most of the biggest growth points in my career have come from little droplets of information shared at the perfect time for my ears, eyes and heart.

So I hope you enjoy this little snippet of my art world. I will always try and share what is most useful and meaningful to me as an artist and what I hope can support you too in some way. And please don't be a stranger. I am always here should you have a question and I'll do my best to help in whatever way I can - just click here to say hi!

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