A Cup Full of Something.

A Cup Full of Something was born from two places within my heart and mind:



The pure joy of sitting with a cup of something (tea, coffee, wine) and indulging in the beautiful, intriguing, uplifting and interesting. As a woman, and someone whose work spans both the arts and business world, this gesture to myself is essential. 


Because although it's important to support yourself as an artist, I also wanted to be around a meaningful community of like-minded companions. A community that cares, shares, loves, grows, supports and creates the future they would love - for themselves and the world around them. I truly believe in the beauty of positive community, and in how coming together with a spirit of openness, love and possibility, magical things happen inside and out.

Cup of Tea

What's Inside a Cup Full of Something?

It's been described as being a bit like having a cup of coffee with me each month and delighting in all things beautiful and up-lifting.

 In a world of information, noise and conversation, I wanted to offer you a space to re-connect with visual beauty. Being connected to inspiration of this kind truly helps you re-centre and re-connect with you. In sharing the 'somethings' that I love each month, I hope to always leave you with seeds of inspiration, nourishment, joy and motivation to support your journey wherever you are.

There are two membership levels you can choose from:

Plant in a Glass Bottle


In this free membership level, each month you'll receive a beautifully curated digital book of visual soul food that you can indulge in any time for inspiration, motivation, calm, beauty, prayer, reflection, energy or joy.


For those who would like to take this pleasure a step further, for the price of a coffee each month you will also receive:

1. A gift from Charlotte Marie Art each year of your subscription. From gorgeous stationery to limited edition prints, bring visual beauty into your space.

2. Immediate VIP status for all Little House, Charlotte Marie Fine Art, and Isbell & Co events, promotions and workshops. As I have become more acquainted with each of these parts of my working world, I see the opportunities within each and I would love this community to be first to reap the benefits.

Ready to share a
Cup Full of Something together?

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