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To bring gestural expression, colour, texture and symbolism together and create an artwork that is centred on your story, is a collaborative process which over the years I have come to truly cherish. 

All my commissions are intuitively painted, considering the information that we discuss together during our initial briefing - this might include adjectives to describe the final work, colour preferences, or even a subtle story to be shared. And although commissions are built from my abstract, still life or figurative styles, the nature of this type of art process always takes the work somewhere different, leaving the final outcome very unique for each client.

Your "Thank You Commission" process will be no different, but the pricing certainly will. 

See details below.



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"Your Prices"are in AUD and include Standard Shipping*

with the exception of the 10x8" Oil which will incur a $30 AUD shipping fee.

Continue scrolling for process and more details.

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*The Details

- Orders will need to be placed (as deemed by payment) before or on Jan 31st 2023 to receive this pricing. After this date, regular commission pricing will resume.

- Once ordered, your commission will include a video chat with me to discuss details such as colour, energy, feeling and narrative inside your work. I will use this with my style to bring your piece to life. These will be scheduled based on when your commission will commence.


- Your painting can be portrait or landscape without pricing variation.


- You may also choose custom sizes, however note that pricing/shipping details may differ from the above, but the commission portion will still be around half the regular pricing
and in AUD. 

- Painting will start late November 2022 based on the timings of each booking (i.e. first come first serve basis) with a break over Christmas. As such, I cannot promise delivery by Christmas so please make allowances for this. Once ordered I'll give you an estimated timing of completion - but please allow a minimum of four weeks for artwork completion.

- What Does "Gift to someone else who loves art as much as you" mean? In this case, that you can either buy the commission as a gift for someone, or pass this offer onto one other person - please let me know who you're passing it onto if this is the case - they too will only have until end of January to take it up.

- Where the commission is a gift (birthday/Christmas/wedding), please let me know and I’ll arrange something special to give to the recipient should the painting not be complete by the occasion. Please Note: My specific Wedding Art Packages are excluded from this pricing offer. 

- All payments can be either in full or 50% on ordering and 50% 3 days prior to commencement. I will invoice you directly based on your preference once artwork size/medium and dates have been confirmed.

- *All orders include standard USPS shipping and will be insured at full value minus shipping costs - up to $999 AUD per artwork. Where express or other shipping preferences are requested, shipping will be quoted at cost and added to your purchase total.

- Artwork will ship flat or rolled pending size / medium. Please also note that oil artworks will ship at least 4 weeks after completion to allow appropriate stabilizing time.


-You are not limited as to how many commissions you purchase for this pricing, so long as you’re comfortable with the above.

If you'd like to take up this offer please complete the below form. Should you have any other questions, please email me directly by clicking here.

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Commissions with Charlotte

"Heartfelt and considered with a unique and personalised process that captures the essence and spirit of the chosen subject that is miraculously translated onto the canvas."