Unapologetically and passionately painting what I love, the beauty I see (and feel) and the intricacies of being a woman. Because to me beauty - the light and deeply captivating, curious, breath-taking, striking, connecting and calming - are essential.


My painting story started a little later in life.

At the gorgeous age of 30, with more than a decade of experience working as a director of creatives in the design industry, I found myself needing to express something of my own. Having just started a new life in Colorado, I found myself drawn to oil paints.  Truthfully art has been my life long companion, from drawings as a child through to playful little pieces amidst all the hectic of my career. But never oils and never something more than a single work. 


Some say the medium picks the artist. Personally I feel this to be very true. 

I remember sitting in my little living room, on our large timber dining table, acquainting myself with a small selection of buttery oils. I didn't know where the work was going or what I was really doing, but with each stroke I felt more and more at home. This was the day art and oils found me and the beginning of one beautiful adventure after another.

I have always been intrigued and captivated by the feminine, curious and natural form. On one hand, my work certainly explores something tangible in those universal experiences which make up what it is to be a woman. But in many ways I am simply inspired by the ever present beauty to be found in nature, landscapes and even everyday life. In both figurative and abstract works, my process is guided by colour and intuition; with each new stroke I find my way forward. Some more effortlessly than others.

Over the last six years my creative practice has evolved from oils into acrylics and textiles. I equally love all three and each has a place in my expression. I have also had the privilege of solo exhibits in Colorado Springs, gallery representation in Fort Collins, published work in children's books and brand marketing, and now the creation of my own textile line with Isbell & Co.


   Although I'm never quite sure where this creative path will take me, one thing is certainly for sure - I love being on it and sharing it with you.

Your Friend

Charlotte Marie Isbell


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Painting "What I love"